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I currently offer mobile Reiki appointments where I visit your home or through distance healing and these appointments are available for evenings during the week (after 5.30pm) and both days and evenings at weekends. I am based in Gorleston, Norfolk and offer my service to all surrounding areas.  

1 hour Reiki session - £40 (in-person or distance healing).

I accept payment by cash, PayPal or bank transfer.


During the session, you may experience the following:


  1. Feel warm or cold.

  2. Feel a tingling sensation as the energy travels through your body.

  3. Feel peace and relaxation.

  4. Feel ‘extra hands’ on your body as the healing takes place.

  5. See colours in your mind’s eye.


These are all perfectly normal and nothing to be frightened of. If you do not experience anything during the session then that’s ok, the reiki energy is still working!  The reiki energy will continue to work after the session has ended.

*Disclaimer: Reiki is a holistic therapy and should not replace medical treatment or advice from your medical team. It is an accompaniment to conventional medicine as the body, mind and soul work together to aid healing.

Reiki Treatment
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